The Home Improvement Costs of Time and Stress

Home ownership means you have more financial stability, that you can really join a neighborhood and that you have permanent say over the house and the real estate (assuming you follow the local laws). Nevertheless, property ownership has lots of expenses - not just for the home payments themselves, but also in work and time for home improvement chores. If you're just renting, you can just call a landlord when problems pop up. If not, it's all on you.

New homebuyers find they have a lot less free time to themselves than before they became owners. Home maintenance and home improvement take time. Consider:

Roofs and Rafters

You have to keep a roof in good repair in any building, and replacing asphalttiles can be a very good idea home improvement task. If you skip it, you might soon have precipitation cascading through the ceiling and damaging your things. Long before that happens, though, the water will come through the roof and damage your ceiling joists. Dripping can be the last sign of a huge problem. You should also take into account how air- conditioned and heated air might be going into the air if that roof isn't maintained adequately. To make a bad word joke, you have to stay on that roof.

AC and Furnace Upkeep

If your kitchen faucet gives out in your apartment, the fix is probably pretty easy: call the landlord. It's the same situation if the furnace doesn't function or if you see especially costly gas or electricity bills in winter and summer. If you're the property owner, you could be facing big trouble. It could an easy one, but others will come about in the near future.

Plumbing Concerns Are Unavoidable

Toilets that won't flush and sinks that wont' drain are no good enough if you're just paying rent. Broken or poorly working plumbing are both inescapable and horrible. It gets even worse if you hold the mortgage and can't just reach out to the property manager for help. Toilets and drains break over time, so they could need replacing. In addition, lead piping might need to be changed over with better, safer pipes, and the pipes will require changing to make sure there's drainage and water pressure. Far worse, though, is the fact that ignoring any of these plumbing problems can mean extensive damage to your walls, cupboards, framing and much more.

You Can't Forget Landscaping

You can pay someone to mow your lawn, trim your hedges, work on the sprinklers and fix driveway cracks, the only other choice for homeowners is to do it yourself. There are costs in both time and money. If you rent, you don't have to even notice landscaping. You might enjoy home improvement and yard work, but realize that one of the costs is weekends spent in the sprinkler aisle at Lowe's rather than having fun or even skipping town for a vacation. It's your choice - the choice is on-the-edge-of-uncomfortable conversations with your yuppie neighbors at the hardware store or epic dance floors and the chance to get your boogie on.

Interior Home Improvement

When you're renting, it can be fun to paint the walls because it's a chance to freshen the place up. When you own though, the home improvement needs of paint and flooring can quickly feel like annoying gruntwork. Just clean often and do maintenance and you won't have to redo the work for several years.

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